Saturday, December 4, 2010

Growing in Everything

Growing up is something hard to do. I believe that's the title of a song, but I can't remember who wrote it. However, it's true. Growing up is something we all must do but it's very hard. Some have it easier and some have it harder, but our Father has planned each and every circumstance to make us grow. Grow in trust, love, courage, compassion, sensitivity, etc. Our whole lives are spent growing, either in good ways or bad.

The dictionary defines it first as "undergoing development by increasing in size and maturity." As we grow spiritually our hearts enlarge. Not our physical organs that pump blood, but our emotions and capacity to care about people. As Christians progress along in their lives they become more sensitive to the needs of others and their own need for God. Strangely enough when true Christians grow they actually seem to shrink in some ways. They certainly get bigger hearts that can care more about God and others, but they begin to realize how small they really are and how much they need their Father.

Thoughtful Christians almost always ask another how he or she is growing. This is because being a Christian is never a place you have reached or a level you have attained. This is because Christianity is not something you do, it is a person you know, and a person you become.

Growing in everything. That means being willing to learn, being teachable. If we aren't growing as Christians then we know everything, or at least think we. Recognizing growth in your life is part of humility. If you have a sense that you don't know it all you will be a much better listener and much better at compassionate counsel. That's why in Christian leadership position interviews they will always ask you what ways you are growing. If you can't think of anyways you are growing it's generally because you think you have already grown. Continual growth is an important part of the Christian life. If we are like plants we are dying if we're not growing. Jesus is the Son (or Sun) of Righteousness. As plants basking in the warm light of the Sun of Righteousness we are either growing or withering.

As a homeschooling family we are more sensitive to the learning that takes place in all areas and aspects of life. Notice I didn't say we're exclusively sensitive, just more sensitive. Despite your best efforts there is a tendency to see learning as bound to the classroom (and homework assignments) if you are in school. This doesn't mean that such tendency can be resisted quite well, but that is the tendency.
We aren't perfect by any means, but by God's grace we are a family seeking to learn from God in the smallest circumstance or situation in life.

So growing in everything. Growing from what to what? Growing from sinful to sinless, growing from wicked to wonderful, from awful to awesome, from terrible to terrific, and from self-centered to Christ-centered!!