About us

I suppose most people would refer to us as one of those 'big conservative homeschooling families'. And I suppose we are. Yeah, we homeschool, yeah we're big, yeah we're conservative christians. But I don't really think that's what we're about.
What we're about is living our life completely for God. We're about growing in our personal lives, encouraging fellow children of God, and bringing others to Jesus. I suppose you could call us a missions minded family.
We're passionate first and foremost about doing the work of King Jesus, and from that stems our other passions. We love doing things all-naturally, and from scratch. We love to read books, watch movies, perform on stage, sing in choir, explore the woods, swim in the creek, glide on the zipline, write stories, sew, cook in the kitchen (or over the fire), play computer games, play board games, and especially praise and love our Father and King.
As we learn each day to love better, maybe this will be a place where you can watch some of what's going on in our life: how we're growing, how we're struggling, and how we're learning to seek Jesus' Kingdom first.
May you be encouraged, inspired, or whatever God wants this blog to do for you.

In King Jesus' love,

Londa for the whole awesome English clan.