Monday, September 20, 2010

Making it big

So it's suppertime. Sometimes that's not so bad. Sometimes it's easy. Unfortunately, tonight was one of the not so good nights. We had to grocery shop before we had what we needed, so that made it late. Then of course, all sorts of things just had to make it later. Mom was talking on the phone, counseling a friend, while making the meatballs. And with three (or is it four?) different diets, we have a gazillion different pots sitting on the stove and counter. And the anticipation of a gazillion dishes to wash once the meal is over. And of course, the youngest kids probably won't like the food... it seems they always find something to complain about. But hey! Little sinner, meet big sinner. Who is complaining? Sounds like we are! It's so easy to go through those moments of frantic hurrying, with phone calls every other minute, and some food getting cold and other food cooking too long, and just say, "Whatever!" And not even care about making those moments count.
It's easy to take those rough evenings and reduce everything that's going on, to just the fact of another rough night in our routinely rough lives.

But what about God's Kingdom? We have to live for that every day, every moment of the day, even (or perhaps especially) when those days and moments are rough. How do you do that? How can we even attempt to make these mundane days and moments for God's Kingdom?

Well, it starts with putting God into it. You have to pray. Pray for the ultimate strength that only He can give. Then, remember the prayer that never fails: Thy will be done. Step back from your life, and remember that God's agenda is so much more important than what you had planned. Remember that the children you are feeding will one day be grown and will leave the home, and that you cannot afford to waste a moment with them. So remember to love them. Even when they're fussing, and you just feel like fussing back, just step back and look at the big picture. God has you right where he wants you, and all you have to do is decide what to do with the time that is given you. And the three most important first things to do with the time that is given you are: Remember how much God loves you. Remember to give that love back to him. And remember to let his love fill you up and overflow into the lives of everybody around you.

Of course, it's not always that simple. Sometimes, it takes a lot of stepping back, and a lot of remembering, because you've forgotten for so long how much God loves you, and how much bigger the big picture is.
But sometimes, it is that simple. Sometimes you just have to step back, and remind yourself that you're not even going to remember those rough frantic moments in a few weeks, maybe you'll even have forgotten them by tomorrow. Perhaps God is testing your strength; don't refuse his offer of power through his Holy Spirit. That power is yours, if you will ask him for it. The power to truly love; the power to step back; and the power to think big.

God is a big God. And his Kingdom is huge. So don't settle for something less. Make every moment big.


  1. Loved this, Londa! I'll never forget Pastor Trice talking about "stepping out of the boat" moments - it's one of my favorite sermons. :)

  2. Thanks, Jessica! I don't remember that sermon... but I'm sure it was great! : )

  3. Londa, that was the sermon about Jesus feeding the 5,000. When Jesus came off the boat after wanting to get away and grieve after hearing about the death of John the Baptist.